Afghan Health & Development Services
A non-profit,  501(C)(3), tax exempt, established in 1990.

for a healthy society

Who We Are: 

Afghan Health and Development Services is a non-for-profit, non-governmental and non-political organization founded by Afghans on April 7th, 1990.  AHDS is registered in Afghanistan as a national NGO (No. 5) and in the USA as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization. AHDS is also an active member of Afghan NGOs Coordination Bureau (ANCB), Agency Coordinating Body for Afghan Relief (ACBAR) and Alliance of Health Organizations (AHO).  AHDS is one of the first signatories of the Codes of Conduct for NGOs engaged in humanitarian action, reconstruction and development in Afghanistan.

The people of Afghanistan, although still threatened by poverty and insecurity, want to build on the democracy foundation that was laid down in 2001. The people wish transparent transition of power to a freely elected government that can institutionalize democracy and peace in the country.  The team of AHDS as an active part of Afghan Civil Society understands that community empowerment is inevitable for stepping towards institutionalization of democracy, social justice and sustainable peace.  Surely, it is a precondition for cooperation and equal partnership among civil society, private sector and government in order to play their role in peace-building, state-building and good governance.  

AHDS goal, as an active member of Afghan Civil Society, is to contribute in provision of humanitarian assistance and sustainable development for the people. 

Vision: a healthy Afghan society that is socially and economically empowered! 


  • AHDS thrives on innovation, proactivity, dedication, and sustainability.
  • Everything we do is focused on empowering the Afghan Society.
  • We accomplish our vision by quality service in the areas of health and related issues, education, sustainable livelihood, disaster risk management, and advocacy. 

Core Values:

  1.  People centered
  2. Transparency and accountability
  3. Equal Opportunity
  4. Good governance
  5. Effectiveness and Efficiency
  6. Diversity
  7. Building Capacity
  8. Gender Mainstreaming
  9. Peace and  Justice
  10. Humanity, Impartiality, Neutrality and Independence
  11. Partnership

Through continuous support from our donors, technical support partners, Ministry of Public Health (MOPH), Ministry of Education, local authorities, and the community leaders, AHDS has been able to take firm strides in the areas of health and education development and services in Afghanistan.  Through tireless efforts of our staff and vigorous help of the supporters, AHDS has been enabled to serve millions of people. At AHDS we understand that sustainable development is possible only through persistence and continued perseverance especially in an environment that has unique challenges and difficulties that require innovation and out of the box thinking.   

AHDS is dedicated towards and has supported organizational development, capacity building and system promotion related to health and educational services at the national level.  Activities of AHDS are well coordinated with national and local government agencies, community elders, and other stakeholders.  Throughout the years, AHDS has had continuous presence and active participation in the task forces and workshops lead by the local and international agencies related to capacity building, providing health services and improving education quality and accessibility. The secret of our success is related to our ability to reach peoples, gain their support and corporations and involve them in our efforts.  Without critical support and collaboration from these communities, AHDS’ success would not be possible.  Our experiences are indicative that by directly engaging and involving communities in our efforts and making them aware of their rights and responsibilities, we can ensure sustainable development.  

News & Events

Open letter: Effective targets to promote Sustainable Peace click -here  

AHDS would like to develop a tailor made Management Information System (MIS) and invites professional IT/Software Developing companies to participate in the bid. 

AHDS developed its five years Strategic Plan (2014-2018), Click here for the summary. 

AHDS received an award from Afghanistan's Ministry of Public Health and AMNEAB for the Best Midwifery Education in Kandahar and Urozgan provinces (photos).

Afghanistan's Ministry of Economics recognizes Afghan Health and Development Services (AHDS).   Click here to view certificate of recognition.

Click here to review AHDS' Form 990 (2015) 


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