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Support vulnerable farmers’ families program was started in June 2008 with 1,000 beneficiaries then in 2009 and 2010 the beneficiaries were increased to 3,400.  


The overall objective was to enhance farmers’ and women headed families ability in order to increase food production and productivity through agriculture livelihood diversification, in the framework of the pillar food-security of the master plan and the strategy developed by MAIL.

The specific objectives were:

  1. Developing the economic condition of the province
  2. Improving the public nutrition
  3. Building the capacity level of the local people
  4. Providing sustainable solution to the problems of the province 

The objective was to increase food production and productivity in order to reduce vulnerability to future food crises through distribution of quality agricultural and livestock inputs and transfer of new technologies. It helps in reduction of poverty and poppy cultivation in Urozgan Province especially in the target areas.


The beneficiaries were selected by the stakeholder including FAO, AHDS, ministry of agriculture and irrigation (MAIL), and local government representative and community elders.  The selection criteria were farmers with small piece of land and female headed families. The beneficiaries were trained on improved seeds cultivation, vegetable green houses, fruit tree nursery, fishery and animal husbandry. In addition, the required commodities (seeds, fertilizers, hand-tools, pesticides, fishes, cows, trees, graft etc) were also provided to them.

A socio-economic survey was launched with technical support of FAO. Generally, milking cow had good outputs as diaries are good source of income for the poor families. Fishery could found its place in the market. The outcome of improved wheat seed is low as it cannot compete in the market with other products. Fruit nursery does not have a good market locally and needs marketing out of Urozgan Province.

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AHDS would like to develop a tailor made Management Information System (MIS) and invites professional IT/Software Developing companies to participate in the bid. 

AHDS developed its five years Strategic Plan (2014-2018), Click here for the summary. 

AHDS received an award from Afghanistan's Ministry of Public Health and AMNEAB for the Best Midwifery Education in Kandahar and Urozgan provinces (photos).

Afghanistan's Ministry of Economics recognizes Afghan Health and Development Services (AHDS).   Click here to view certificate of recognition.

Click here to review AHDS' Form 990 (2015) 


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